About the Guardians of the Cup

We are a group of hopelessly obsessed golf fans dedicated to securing Ryder Cup victory for Team Europe via the power of song. Our inability to sing is no obstacle to our ambition!

We formed at Nottingham University, inspired by the heroics of Sam Torrance’s Belfry winning team of 2002, and now live and golf across the UK from Edinburgh to Brighton.

If you are a similarly afflicted golf addict we would love to hear from you – please say hello, send us a song or, best of all, join us in Paris to sing Team Europe to victory!

2018 GOTC Songs coming soon

Captain DazzlerRobin Hood (Piers Plowman)
Darren Clarke, Darren Clarke, Captain of our team,
Darren Clarke, Darren Clarke, teaching us to dream,
He’s won six times before, soon he’ll win one mooooooooooore!
Darren Clarke, Darren Clarke, Darren Clarke.

Darren Clarke, Darren Clarke with his big cigar,
Darren Clarke, Darren Clarke always under par,
He’s won six times before, soon he’ll win one mooooooooooore!
Darren Clarke, Darren Clarke, Darren Clarke.
Rory McIlroyQue Sera (Doris Day)
When I was young and couldn't play golf,
I asked my father, what should I be?
Should I play football, or just be a bum,
Here's what he said to me:
Take my driver son,
And go become number one,
You'll bring home the Cup my boy,
'Cos you are a Mc-Ilroy!

Ta-ke, m-y, dr-i-ver, son…
And go become number one,
You'll bring home the Cup my boy,
'Cos you are a Mc-Ilroy!
Danny WillettWant Me Baby (Human League)
You were shooting 69 when you were 5 years old,
That much is true.
But now you’re Masters Champion and top ten in the world,
And a new Dad too!
[Skip to chorus]

It might be your first time,
There’s no doubt in our mind,
That you will win the Ryder Cup for Europe Europe,

Danny Willett Baby!
Danny Willett O-o-oh
Danny, Willett Baby,
Danny, we love you!
Henrik StensonThank You For the Music (ABBA)
So we sing,
Thank you Henrik Stenson,
The golf you're playing,
You won The Jug, that's what we're saying.

You can hit your driver,
Your irons, 9 down to 3, so perfectly, that you will win this match, easily

So we sing
Thank you Henrik Stenson,
Now win the Cup for me...
Chris WoodIf You Go Down To The Woods Today (Eric Sykes)
If you are playing Chris Wood today, you're in for a big surprise,
If you are playing Chris Wood today, you'll be looking up to the skies...
For he ate spinach when he was small,
And now he’s nearly seven foot tall,
Chris Wood's the man to bring home a point for Europe.
Sergio GarciaThat’s Amore (Dean Martin)
When he tees it up high, it will rip through the sky, that's Garcia,
When he shoots for the green, he's the best that I've seen, that's Garcia,
When he pulls out his flop, he’ll give Ricky the chop, that's Garcia,
Wh-en he sinks his last putt, he will kick Bubba’s butt that's Garcia!
Rafa Cabrera-BelloLet it go (Frozen)
He comes from Spain, he’s so sexy,
He’s the golfer we all just want to be,
His touch, his feel, who is this pro..?
Well now they know...

He’s Bello, he’s Bello
Can’t hold him back any more,
He’s Bello, he’s Bello,
Turn away and smash a draw.

He don’t care, who stands in his way,
Let the home crowd roar,
The Yanks never bothered him anyway...
Justin RoseGold (Spandau Ballet)
He won gold, GOLD!
He went to Rio to wi-n,
Zika is no match for him, he’s indestruct-ible,
Always believe i-in,

Justin Rose, ROSE!

Always believe in your swi-ing,
You've got the power to win, you're undefeat-able,
Always believe i-in,
Justin Rose, ROSE!
Andy SullivanFreed from Desire (Gala)
Our Andy he likes birdies, He’s just so hard to beat,
Our Andy he likes birdies, He’s just so hard to beat,

He wants more and more,
He won’t accept a draw,
Beat Davis Love,
Is what he’s looking for…

Sullivan’s on fire,
Davis Love is terrified,
‘Cos Sullivan’s on fire, on fire,

Na, na, na, na, na, NaaaNa,
Na NaaaNa, na, na, na
Matthew FitzpatrickKiss (Prince)
You will never beat Fitz
He's just too good
He's gonna take you school 
With his 3 wood

Ain't no particular club
He's more compatible with
He just wants an extra point 
Coz he's.....Fitz
Lee WestwoodHey Jude (The Beatles)
Hey Lee,
Your short game’s good,
But your long game is even be-tter,
Remember to get the ball in the hole,
Then we can start to sing this louder, louder, louder, louder…

Lee, Lee, Lee, L-L-L-Lee
L-L-L-Lee, Westwood
All together now…..
Martin KaymerKarma Chameleon (Culture Club)
Kaymer Kaymer Kaymer Kaymer Kaymer Chameleon,
He won the Cup,
He filled it u-u-u-up,
Playing golf is easy when you've got the perfect swing,
And putt like a king,
Putt like a ki-i-i-ng.
To Phil and Jordan, he's an idol,
But he's not their lover, he's their ri-val!
Kaymer Kaymer Kaymer Kaymer Kaymer Chameleon….
Thomas PietersNelly the Elephant (Ralph Butler & Peter Hart)
Tommy Pieters answered his phone
And said hello to the Captain
Darren said you're on the team
Well done son

Tommy Pieters packed his sticks
And said goodbye to the waffles
Here he his with his Driver in hand
Thump, thump, THUMP.....
Thomas BjornBorn in the USA (Bruce Springsteen)
A great Dane in a U.S. town,
Here to lead our men, keep their feet on the ground,
He’ll show us how to win and he’ll do it in style,
Then on Sunday we will all see his beautiful smi-le…

Bjorn beats the USA! Ye-ah,
Bjorn beats the US-A!
Bjorn beats the USA! That's right,
Bjorn beats the U-S-A..!
Paul LawrieTake A Chance On Me (ABBA)
If you change your mind,
Down at Hazeltine,
Darren I'm still free,
‘Cos I'm Paul Lawrie,
If you need me, let me know
And I'll be around
‘Cos I’ve got my sticks with me
If we go 3 down…

Take a chance on me,
‘Cos I’m Paul Lawrie...
Padraig HarringtonShake pineapple shake the tree (Agadoo)
He’s our super vice-captain,
He’s a smiley Irishman,
Major champ that is true,
And a Ryder winner too,
He will get our boys fired up,
And help us retain the Cup!
Ian PoulterWe are the champions (Queen)
We have Ian Poulter, my fri-end,
And he’ll keep on fighting to the end,
We have the Poulter, he’ll never falter,
No time for losing, cos’ we have The Poulter,
To the end!
Sam TorranceFlower of Scotland (Roy Williamson)
Oh Samuel Torrance,
When will we see, you swing again,
Your Ryder Cup glories
Are beyond mere mortal men.
You lead your colleagues.. (Lead who?),
The mighty Euros,
To golfing victory,
At Hazeltine.

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