2023 Ryder Cup
in 0 days!

About the Guardians of the Cup

A group of incurable golf fans dedicated to supporting Team Europe to Ryder Cup victory via the power of song.

Our inability to sing is no obstacle to our ambition!

We formed at Nottingham University, inspired by the heroics of Sam Torrance’s Belfry winning team of 2002, and now live and golf across the UK from Edinburgh to Brighton.

If you are a similarly afflicted golf addict we would love to hear from you – please say hello, send us a song or tell us about your plans for Rome. Look forward to seeing you there to sing Team Europe to victory!


Justin Rose

2018 RC

Gold (Spandau Ballet)

Justin Rose, ROSE!
Always believe in your swing
you've got the power to win
You're indestructible
Always believe in
Justin Rose, ROSE!

Rafa Cabrera-Bello

2016 RC

Let It Go (Frozen)

He comes from Spain
He’s so sexy
He’s the golfer we all just want to be
His touch, his flair
Who is this pro?
Well now they know…
He’s Bello, he’s Bello, can’t hold him back any more
He's Bello, he's Bello, turn away and smash a draw
He don't care, who stands in his way
Let the home crowd roar
The Yanks never bothered him anyway

Martin Kaymer

2016 RC

Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)

Kaymer Kaymer Kaymer Kaymer Kaymer Chameleon,
He won the Cup,
He filled it u-up,
Playing golf is easy when you've got the perfect swing,
And putt like a king,
Putt like a ki-ng.
To Phil and Keegan, he's an idol,
But he's not their lover, he's their ri-val!
Kaymer Kaymer Kaymer Kaymer Kaymer Chameleon…

Jon Rahm

2018 RC

Da Do Ron Ron (The Crystals)

Do you have big muscles and a lovely smile?
You do Rahm Rahm Rahm, you do Rahm Rahm,
Do you come from Spain and hit the ball a mile?
You do Rahm Rahm Rahm, you do Rahm Rahm,

Yeah, the boy can play,
Yeah, he’ll win today,
Do we think that he will beat the U-S-A?
We do Rahm, Rahm, Rahm, we do Rahm Rahm!

Alex Noren

2018 RC

Pretty WOman (Roy Orbison)

Alex Noren, walking down the tee,
Alex Noren, a Swede I’d like to meet,
Alex Noren…
He looks happy… as can be,
Because he’s won here al-ready!
O-o-oh Alex Noren.

Thomas Bjorn

2021 RC

Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice)

So y’all stop, collaborate and listen,
Bjorn’s back with 12 Europeans.
Danish, with the killer psyche,
Picking off the Yanks, ever so politely,
Will he ever stop, Yo, I don’t know,
When he wins the Cup, he’ll glow
He’s the Ice Man with the right combinations,
Winning back the Cup for the European nations,
Ice Ice Thomas
Bon bon bon bon, b-b-b-bon bon
Ice Ice Thomas
Bonbon bon bon, b-b-b-bon bon

Padraig Harrington

2021 RC

Polly Put The Kettle On (Anon)

Padraig put the kettle on
Padraig put the kettle on
Padraig put the kettle on
We’re on the tee!

The 2023 Ryder Cup - Marco Simone, Italy

Hope you enjoy these songs for 2023, some for the tee, some for the bar...  Massive thanks to the Team Europe (and Team USA!) fans who have sent in so many song suggestions over the past weeks - many far better than we could do and included below! Safe travels to Rome one and all - we look forward to uniting in song very shortly!

The 2021 Ryder Cup - Whistling Straits, U.S.A.

The 2018 Ryder Cup - Le Golf National, France

The 2016 Ryder Cup - Hazeltine, U.S.A


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